Our Treatments

Please contact us now to arrange a consultation, our practitioners and hypnotherapists are qualified,  xperienced and ready to help, Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP are well established and proven technique for the treatment of tress and other problems which affect a persons enjoyment and quality of life.They work together very effectively to firstly pinpoint the source of the problem, then treat both the symptoms and the cause.

These methods can be used to treat: Phobias, stress, depression, addiction, panic attacks, unfounded fears, fear of public speaking and to stop smoking.

Once these problems have been transformed it can be very helpful to have some assistance to see what is above and beyond this, NLP Coaching can help with state managment and practical approaches to reach the goals you may wish to attain

NLP is ideal for this type of training and has a long and well established history in this area.

Improved Communication and problem solving:
NLP has some very effective techniques to enable people to connect with each other and solve problems, it can give a helpful insight into the structure of problems and relationships.